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Reality a nightmare I’m bound to by the force of my imagination

Emotional aches gone physical, I struggle as I lose myself in thoughts

God knows no one should have.

Like the man with night sweats, chest heavy I sit up in the black in

sorrows unknown.

How did I get here, lost in thought I wonder aimlessly…

A struggle unknown, a struggle I’ve seen, pain gone physical

emotions linger on.

Like the haddock swimming upstream the tears of my deceit

I deceive thy self as happiness I no longer can reach.


Am I alone in a room full of mirrors, deceived by my own shadow.?

A figment of my imagination a girls only embrace.

Deceived like the old gate keeper by the old creaking sounds of his lost love

in that old light house he once called home.

Yearning for your love and to be held, I compromise in love…

Blindly following and letting go of who I am for love… but tell me love

…will you return thy favor when my body is weak and I a wreck.??

Tell me love will you stay or forever was never meant to be one with you.

Confused and hurting, pain gone physical…tell me love are you here to stay.?

moonlight love

Thrust from all I know, pain gone physical emotions linger on yearning

to take me back to way back when.

Lost in cliffs and ridges, my heart a lost pearl… priceless but worthless unknown

Love came easy, easily I put it all on the line.

No longer do I laugh for Malvolio I laughed at but now I’ve become him

Pain gone physical, I awake in cold sweats heart pounding…

Agony and I have become intertwined .