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Won’t you let me breathe, tormented me enough you have.

No longer will I plead…demented souls you have become,

obsessed with a past long gone...won’t you let me live.


Like Medusa’s eyes, your words seek to destroy a life so long awaited for.

You long to draw me back,knowing she turned to stone when she did…

 but unlike her my past I shall not seek,her fate shall not be mine.

Walking blindly, unknowingly trapped by vile words

seeping through lost lips like lost ships that have since sunk.

A past threatening to demolish what seems a long awaited masterpiece

by the great I AM…

With so much to give, never did I hide a mind that craved to decipher

your blackened hearts which seem to grow stronger in hate with time

like that bottle of wine I’ve long forgotten about in mama’s antique drawer.


Won’t you let me breathe…let me leave…

Sun retreating, agony escaping  into the shadows

once explored by sensual minds…Eyes closed I glow from within,

darkness no longer do I feel

Soft touch evolves into a silk gentle brush after a harsh grip by rough

muscular hands…

like the golden rays kissing my tear stained cheeks ever so gently

after a cold hard winter…


No longer do I plead, for you have disappeared into the darkness,

a place my soul has since forgotten.