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I scramble out of bed,cutting my foot on broken glass I curse under my breath… How could this happen again, I could have sworn I locked up everything. I was prepared I made sure of it, I was prepared, wasn’t I.?

Yelling and screaming, I get hysterical… Why won’t anyone help me.? I pick up the phone but who do I call.? I’VE BEEN ROBBED, I’VE BEEN ROBBED.!!! Won’t anyone help me.?  Heart pounding, heavy breathing, hands sweaty… I black out…

Another crazy dream, eyes closed I feel around for my phone…I can’t wait to tell Charity, my sweet sweet Charity.I think of your smile and can’t help but smile too.Fingers  dial your number in a split second, it rings on end, I get frustrated… Why isn’t she picking up, then it all comes back to me… you’re gone.


My mind dying to block out the pain, I get knocked back into last night’s reality. Puffy eyes, empty whiskey bottle on the floor next to old photographs of you and I, I ask myself why…Why now, why you.?


“…come on guys, no need to fight…”, my sweet sweet Charity,your voice fills up my soul and I can’t help but question why. Fighting back tears, flashbacks take me to a time where my mind is ready to take flight, disappear into another moment but this one…

May your soul take flight into the heavens, shine down on me on long winter nights so when I look up I know not to cry, but instead celebrate the humble soul you were. Cancer might have taken another piece of me but the war is far from over for I will fight on for my fallen soldiers.


R.I.P My sweet sweet Charity