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Introduced to you by my grandmother, I got to know you but not well enough…

Seeming like too much work, I avoid you and go about my business thinking you are no fun. Surrounded by people, I find myself feeling  lonely… Empty whiskey bottles and cigarette buds, I close my eyes and long for your touch, the perfect touch. 

A void so large, fill it I do try but with all the wrong things. So I find my way back to you, my true love. A love so pure I don’t ever want to leave…but I do.! I let you go and  stray into an undeniable downgrade, sigh… A downgrade so deep I deem myself stupid and struggle with the foolishness that comes with it.


Things go wrong so I stay up and cry. I tell myself there’s no way you will take me back, “…Baby, you’ve gone and done it this time…”. Through the tears I realize you are all I ever had, all I ever needed.

Adventure I did seek and time I did waste. You were ready to settle down but young and foolish my mind was so I did not take. My party days behind me, I miss you, I need you even more. Phone rings and I lose my train of thought but it doesn’t matter for its you…ITS YOU.!!

You want me back.!! I stutter as I scratch my head in disbelief…You want me back… I’ve strayed, I’ve let you down and yet here you are. Choking on my tears, I wonder what it is you see in me for you to love me so…


Grown and a little more wiser, I see your love ever so clear. Your golden touch, life changing I realize I can never do better. The perfect gentleman you are, my heart I give for trust is no issue. In me, you go off like fireworks, joy I no longer can contain… Loving love and believing in love because you died for me in love so that I would be able to know love FOR YOU ARE LOVE.


… my perfect gentleman JESUS CHRIST