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Undeniable downgrades, wrong turns and empty promises…

We seek comfort but find it not like long lost sunken treasures claimed by the blue seas since forgotten by ignorant minds. Ever so often our minds wonder into what could have beens, regrets fill our minds but our mouths confess not these unruly sins.


Fear of rejection, a love gone wrong and wasted time, thoughts take us to a place once called home in a quest to find solace but instead we are greeted with harsh realities of foolish decisions made by intoxicated souls.

Soiled with lust, material things and lies, alone we lie at night regardless of the folktales told by day. Jacks of all trades some have become as life has dealt them a lousy hand due to the domino effect triggered by their lies one after another.

Regret toxic to a blooming soul, we run into winding paths in search of brighter days. A clean conscience, every murderers dream we toss and turn haunted by yester years. Let live and let God, once I was told and alas here I stand.

Thy heart once a sunken treasure, sand shook off, shine I did through thy darkest nights and discovered I was. Days and nights spent out in uncharted waters in search of lost treasures, a cause fate dastardly intertwined thy spirit with… Rescued from the deep blue seas my body was, but in them, my soul shall forever reside.


…for the love of Antonio…