Sun is out, taking a break from this hectic schedule. Talking to my crazy sister, I can’t even call her a friend anymore you know the ones. Nag you day and night but love you murderously. She told me I needed to put a figure or a “face” to my posts.


Figured I might as well give you an insight on who I am. Quite simple really, I love love, obsessed with the month April, think Im even going to name my daughter April. Don’t judge me now, we’ve all thought of baby names Hahaha. Starting on a journey to renew my soul, kind of hard in a society that feeds off ones faults and mistakes. Being the person that I am I’ve grown not to care really. Living for other people is the fastest way one can destroy their true purpose and plus God loves you too much for you to waste away sulking or sucking up to people that will never fully accept you.

I write because I STAY THINKING.!! My past experiences are the main reason I write. Most of the time people complain or choose to regret it all and live in the past, id rather write and explore an art I love whilst I move past the past.

Too many times when we go through certain things we think no one understands, we feel like we are alone. Reality is, we aren’t. Everyone has felt sadness, joy anger, the whole ten yards. Its life… Its what you do with it that matters.


Our experiences make us the people we are. They shape you in ways you can’t possibly imagine. Its up to you how you turn out. Wrong turns or failed relationships shouldn’t be an excuse for you to be nasty or a lost cause, you choose to be that. There’s nothing new about pain… It was there way before we were born or planned even.

Be the best that you can be, out shine your dark moments and make the best of what you have. Often people waste time focusing on what they don’t have, instead focus on what you do have and turn it into something great. Nothing amazing started off amazing.

Surround yourself with positive minds, you won’t regret it. In the process don’t forget to BE POSITIVE as well.

Ps you are beautiful regardless of your flaws.