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Too grown for magic beans, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing for them, for with them in the clouds I’ll reside. Much like Orion’s belt, my soul stands for more than what meets the eye. Hidden gateways in the stars, my eyes, windows to my most sacred treasures, share not the answers you seek.


Deep in thought, my flesh a blank canvas deserted mid work, my mind wonders into the unknown realms in search of what, God only knows. Hugging me ever so tightly in your sleep, you bring me back to reality,your reality… 

His love a force field impenetrable, in his arms is where I’m safe. For a moment its as if nothing else matters, its just you and I until I’m dragged out of slumber into a nightmare riddled present   like a slave yanked into a harsh reality by gunshots at ungodly hours.


No heart to wake you, I count sheep as I listen to Drake… Instead of finding sleep, my mind arrives to a place rather unfamiliar so I decide to get up and write. Your love and my life my inspiration, thy fingers take a mind of their own as they run free like wild horses on the same keyboard that told our first love tale… then I break into a sudden realization…


…It always has and always will be for the love of you…