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What reasons lie behind a new day if we are bound to the past by unforgiving minds that see not the good in us.?


If its always going to be about the present picture defined by nothing more than an oil stained canvas that created it, what good is the new work of art.?  Why  strive for a new beginning when the events of the present mean less than an educated woman’s vote in the 18th century.?

Inspired by a brilliant young woman bearing a God sent miracle, a yearning to free you from this blinding plague that sadly tries to fight change, the one constant thing under the African sun, grows ever so greatly in the hope  that you see what lies before you unbiased.


An imperfect being on a quest deemed impossible by mere mortals, the inner beast is unleashed by the pain endured by a frail frame during this back breaking hike to save a  banished warrior… Invisible to the naked eye, a piece of heaven shines brightly at the end of a thorny trail but hidden within it are bitter anguished souls lost in the darkness of an unjust world,  that threaten to put an end to a dreamers vision of a new era…


In the past is where we met but the person you seek lives here no more. That familiar face long gone, the home you built in me since destroyed by the voice of reason, I recognize the magic words no more for then with eyes closed,  unlock doors they did with nothing but a whisper…

An opinion of mine it was but now long disappeared… The change you seek lies at the heart of the maze of life and at the sound of the gunshot, I’m freed and break into a race to the center  of mine Let the quest begin…


***all guns blazing***