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I wake up and expect to find a couple of grey hairs, and in my head I can hear my friends say, “why must you be so dramatic…” as I think this. Normal is definitely a word I cannot, have never and chances are will never use to describe myself. I tried once, of course, but my family and friends shut that down FAST.!


21, the number of years The Almighty has blessed me with. A life filled with so much love, it overflows into the reserves of my spirit leaving no room for anything else but love. The journey, not so smooth but mighty blessed none the less. I stand firm with no regrets ( all turned into stepping stones) holding on to my most treasured moments. 


21, the number of perfection by excellence according to the world’s best seller. A symbol of harmony of the creation, the union of trinity. That is where I’m standing, perfect timing to get onto the wagon of righteousness. Dawn of a new day, the ruins, my  soul comes to life.

  ” 21, the highest possible number of 3 in the corporal, is in relation with the spiritual and shows the quality of renewal”



Described as the divine number of the sacred, the 21 attributes of wisdom, being 21 means more to me than just the key of freedom. Like the phoenix rising from the ashes, I take flight into a new season, a new me. Taking heed of a loving mother’s warning, every step becomes crucial with each passing moment.

To my loving family, friends and people I am yet to be blessed with, thank you for making my life worth living. I don’t keep you in my heart nor do I keep you in my mind lest I forget, in my soul is where you reside for my soul I shall have forever. To my Father in heaven, words cannot begin to describe the magnitude of my gratitude. 


***cheers to this gift called life***