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2300 and I can’t seem to put my feelings into words. Failing to decipher my own feelings, who am I.? 2330, still staring at a blank page, I put my laptop away and sit in the black pondering on the madness of it all like a girl whose been told not to explore a haunted house but does it anyway and dies 5 seconds later.


You’ve carved in me an inner bliss I just can’t seem to wrap my head around. Disregarding all my rules, you prance around in my mind willy nilly like a 24 hour playground leaving carbon footprints of your eccentric smile, dang the confusion of it all but please do stay a while. A puppeteer of thine emotions, like a thief in the night, in the shadows of my fantasies you linger awaiting a just time…but any time is tea time with you, this you’ve known for time. 


The Ratatouille of my being, eyes closed you work your magic leaving me weak, spineless and incapable of saying no for just but a moment. Shining through the darkness of your faults, I’m blinded by the glittering lights in endearing eyes like a deer caught in head lights. A beautiful soul you are, a teddy bear  hidden behind a mask of protective force fields much like  the great wall of  China seeming impenetrable. A lad I got to see, a heart a grew to know  with  nothing but love.

A ship long sailed and docked in a foreign land, I get out of bed and rest thy temple on the window seal staring out into the beauty of the unknown. A cloudless sky graced sweetly by the curves of a full moon, the girl in me wishes upon a shooting star for stolen moments in the abyss.