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After Spillz told me about the 30 day blog challenge I only had one thing to say, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.!!! For the next 30 days I will blog according to the challenge topics, these are mainly based on my life so stay tuned…here goes nothing…

DAY 1 : 15 facts about me +  picture that best describes me

  1. I love God
  2. Passionate about cancer awareness, well anything cancer related
  3. I associate the day Tuesday with the color blue (you say Tuesday I see blue)
  4. Stray pets make me want to cry
  5. Every movie I’ve watched since end of 2011 has made me cry (yes even animation)
  6. I love talking and laughing
  7. I’m obsessed with pregnant women
  8. I am a hopeless romantic
  9. I love sports, mainly rugby
  10. I’m a tad bit dramatic (okay lies VERY )
  11. I am stubborn -__-
  12. Obsessed with the month/name April
  13. I LOVE hot and spicy food
  14. I am a bulldozer when it comes to achieving what I want, nothing can stop me.
  15. Being hot (over 25 degrees) makes me highly irritable and emotional


I am fierce but that doesn’t stop me from being goofy sometimes. In 3 words I LIVE, LOVE & LAUGH… A cheetah doesn’t play games when it comes to hunting prey but hey, look… it can also let loose :).