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I have been sitting here trying to figure out how to attack this one. My first loves apart from the obvious ( God and family), yikes. Decided to close my eyes and see what popped up first  when I said it. My other half on the other hand being the person that she is, has decided to write about something less hectic, knowing her she’s going to say chicken is her first love. Why on earth aren’t I doing that too.? SMH.!!


That real first spark , butterflies the whole ten yards even after the “honeymoon” phase. When you fail to describe or put into words how you feel, it goes beyond the physical, beyond the word love itself. Goo goo eyed and all that mooshy stuff galore. Don’t mistake this for lust now 🙂


 That is exactly how I was then, young, goo goo eyed, butterflies and all that jazz. I can’t remember a time I wasn’t on cloud 9, some people vacationed there, I lived there 🙂 . A spark undefined, we could spend our days doing absolutely nothing but it would still be a great day. Taught me how to guard myself from the madness of this world and the people that weren’t for me. We could spend our nights talking but not talking, you would talk to my soul for hours on end, always knowing just the right words to say


There were times I would want to choke you, gaaaaaah, days when you’d give me nothing but junk advice and I’d act on impulse because of it. A  love lost in the fusion of confusion and compassion. Intimacy so thick in the air I could hardly breathe sometimes, that is how I can best describe it, weird I know. With a mutual love for this one thing, even bad days turned amazing.

day 2

You know when you are having a bad day and without even trying they make you smile effortlessly, that’s what it was like. A love set apart from everything else, the power to know me so well and prance around in my mind like it was your playground. Amazing but  still I hate it as much as I hated it  then but it doesn’t stop you from doing it. Alas here we are, you doing what you do best (making me smile) and me, well…me talking a walk down memory lane writing this piece looking for ways to make it a little less obvious hahaha…


Seems just like yesterday when this love began. My love for you running soul deep… When I first fell in love with the rhythm of your soul, pure bliss :). Music, my love for life…

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