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Why FlawsomeGlam, why do I write, why do I do it the way I do.? 

Day 3 : Reasons behind blog name and the blog itself


FlawsomeGlam, a name that best describes how I view everything around me. No one is perfect, we all have flaws, some more visible than others but flaws none the less. We live in a world where people seek perfection and forget to live, forget to be grateful for that which they do have.

Hair that doesn’t grow but amazing head shape, rock that Amber Rose cut love.

Funky toes but you can move like Bolt, amaze balls…

Point is, rock your flaws instead of hiding away. Riddled with flaws of my own, perfection, a mere dream for the dimwitted, I seek it not for I know we are imperfect beings. We are incapable of being perfect. Imperfection is in itself beautiful.

” People will talk whether you are doing bad or good”


I STAY THINKING… Less than 72 hours ago someone was telling me I over analyze things and bla bla bla. There’s not a moment that goes by that i’m not thinking. My mind stays in overdrive its unreal really. This is why I write, also because not offloading my thoughts usually results in me acting on impulse. Everything I write means something but often not all can decipher it. Even as I am writing now, I’m wondering whose going to read this, where are they from, what do they think about my way of writing…


It just never stops really. So figured instead of going out and buying a diary, why not blog. My other half did play a role in this and I thank her for pushing me to do it. She is just simply amazing. Cheers to her and all my readers…


We are awesome even with our flaws