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For the first time this is the only post that didn’t take time to write because I have a billion things to say :).

Day 4: Siblings


Diamonds in the rough, rainbows after a decade long storm…

Glittering gems on moon starved night…

I could go on and on, they are my backbone, the reason I strive for better days. My love for them undefined, unconfined and unrestricted I reach places non have even dreamed of to see them smile. I might not have all the money in the world but my prayers however do go up every night for my precious loves. With each smile, I smile even on days I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. As I’m writing, I feel like I’m bursting with joy, on different continents we may be but our spirits are forever together.


2 bullies in the pack, the other 2 well victims of a humorous pair and as for Pai well a mixture of both so she’s safe. We love to laugh and we love hard. A love well versed, yikes scares me sometimes. Poocky went and got married to a male version of me, talk about being obsessed ( breaks into song).

Looking at them is like watching my heart beat outside of my body, dictating my every move it scares me. We fight, we bicker but the point of it all is I love them. Wenzi, Pai, Poocky, Fari, Bee, Sifiso… With a special shout out to my other munchkins Thulani, Pilani & Dingilwazi, Nyasha and Lucy.