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Today has been an insane day. I lost my visa card, walked for over an hour looking for it… Chaotic afternoon is all I can say, not to mention I bust my foot, don’t ask me how because I have no idea.


Anyway, so after all of that, sat down to blog about my mental friends. I swear if we were part of Harry Potter’s world we would all be locked up in Azkaban, no lie…mental the whole lot…So there I was writing, chatting away with Maju, then it hit me… I had a list of 6 people I wanted to write about but after thinking about those that would get emotional for not being mentioned I ended up with a list of over 10 people :/.


“…you can’t please everyone…”

– Maju

Too many friends too many feelings to consider. Some you lose along the way or you drift, its life don’t be mad. Some are no good and you need to let go but its never that easy you know.  Some are just darn right toxic to your well being but you hold on, what are you trying to do, lose your life.?? Hyped to do some spring cleaning of my own figured I might as well drop that, not looking for trouble as yet.


TD Jakes said you should know who your confidants are, be able to differentiate between your constituents and your comrades. Not everyone is in your life to stay, some well, some are only good at getting you in trouble…Some we hold on to, why I have no clue, like holding on to tattered garments because you got it as a gift. Snap out of it and DROP THEM.!! Some know how to pretend well, so watch your back and ditch being naive.


“I might smile and be cool with people but my circle is very small…be careful who you trust baby, some of these people won’t have your back at the end of the day..”

– Antonio.V


food for thought…the signs are forever there