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Cheeks dry but tears overflowing in a virgin place to the naked eye. My soul crying out for lost souls taken willingly in a world where life has lost its value. Cold hearts, without a second thought, murder becomes second nature as if you were not given a chance at life yourself but still you insist on selfish ways.


I weep for a generation lost in the confusion of glittering garbage posing as gold and like the gullible beings, load on heaps grinning like they have won the lotto, long awaited by generations way before ones time. Living like the people on TV, morals lost and self respect out the window, when will one wake up and START LIVING WITH A PURPOSE.?


Ignorance mistaken for confidence, one can’t help but wonder what this world is coming to. Living in a world where the title “BAD B***” is taken as an endearing term, I often find myself  confused. Knowing well enough that accepting such is a disgrace to my mother I stand firm on what I believe and never will I hold my head up high and expect respect whilst I smile and respond to being called such, if anything a degrading term.


Strive for success without compromising your morals for it. Give in to the ways of the world and kiss goodbye to a life of true happiness. You are the only you and thus making you unique, conform to the callings of the social media and you might as well change your name to Jane Doe. Lacking originality and a character of your own, your words say I’m proud but your actions scream “In need of a therapist”.

Far from perfect, taking one day at a time, I stray from the norm and pray to I AM to keep me long enough to see and be part of a better tomorrow. Don’t compromise for those that stand for your downfall. In a world where nothing is what it seems, stand for originality, that’s one of the only things you have.


Would we have been better off still hunting and gathering back in the stone age.??