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Bubbly April baby forever smiling, when I’m in my comfort zone its hard to find something that doesn’t make me smile. There are some obvious loves in this life we live, well differs from person to person but I’m not going to talk about those today.

Day 5 : A picture/s of what makes me smile

After asking my friends what they thought makes me smile they all had something in  common to say, funny stuff, good people plus Drake. Right now I feel like I’m part of the cast in Brown Sugar, and my ears have just been graced with the magic words…


“So when did you first fall in love with hip hop.? …”

Over 3 years ago, summertime is when I fell in love with Drake’s music, listening to Thank Me Later in that August heat …*blushes*… Since then its been the same, his music makes me smile, catch me off guard listening to him and you might actually think I’m blushing.


“How did I end up right here with you, after all the things that I been through… Now that I’m here baby show me a good time…”

– Show me a good time

The lyrics play the chord of my soul, as my being sways from side to side to the rhythm of an enchanting lyrical vibe  that I haven’t yet quite understood. When you put your favorite song on, look out the window and for a moment you feel as if you are in another world, yeeesss, that’s me every time when I’m in my zone.

I smile because it goes beyond the beat, it almost feels as if its more than the song itself. Grinning from ear to ear, you’d actually think I’ve just realized I’m in love. His music, my umbrella on a stormy night when the storm that is the noise that people now call music is at its peak.


“…so can you do me a favor, if I pull it together make it sooner than later…”

– Sooner than later

Smitten over a lyrical content that knows no bound and has filled every nook and cranny of my vibrant music loving soul, how can I not smile.? Like Brown Sugar, its a love intertwined with more than what meets the eye, music a soul whisperer,it has the power to change ones mood in a split second, woooow.!!


Nandos, good people and a good laugh…these are some of the things that make me smile but today, today its all about Drake and his music…