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The glow in your eyes gone and since replaced by sadness I look on in disbelief. Raised by the media and minds blueprinted to think a certain way, a generation lost to the gutters, will we stand to see a better day.? Made to protect and provide, men have grown into vultures that oppress and slay.

Women leaving no room for respect, cry fowl but with the same mouths answer to degrading names. Overcast skies glazed with glistening lies of what should be, I hide away in the burrows from prying eyes.


Graced with a blessing to carry, will I be strong enough to give life into a dark place.?? Habits that kill, lungs as ash trays, will we rise into a better generation.? Lies told to steal away a young girl’s heart to  satisfy your immoral needs, you have paved way to such an evil art.


Walls breached, and hearts leached of love, lives lie in turmoil in a cluster of pain and agony. With disregard to the right of passage, night terrors seek to steal, kill and destroy. I AM’s hand in one and a spear in the other, I walk off into the unknown to take back a world I once knew.