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Plagued by the misguided steps of a frail confused mind, the past refuses to let up leaving the present futile and unkind. Only then can I wonder, if a portkey I did find, would I be able to let loose and let this love unwind.?

2013-04-30 19.31.32

A moment frozen in time, the only consolation to a wishing mind. A smile that warms my soul but never can I abide, for if I do confide a downfall I shall come to know. So my love I have to sacrifice for I am incapable of letting it flow all thanks to a fear I have let grow.

A bond unbroken, a love unscathed, I get lost in your eyes leaving my mind to roam free in a place we once knew. A  place once shared by intertwined spirits willing to give into a feeling unknown to guarded souls. Involuntarily I blink and sadly I’m brought back to this moment unable to let thy guard down and explore a longed for dream.


Raging waters unkind to a pleading heart, no match however to a wise man’s craft. Scars yielded from unfamiliar paths gone wrong serve me now as a map to a better morrow…but tell me soul will you be better off without this love you’ve grown to know.?


***for the love of Antonio***