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Reintroduced to a love well nurtured by the master of time, its as if it was molded into perfection in that time capsule we hid away from the light. 


Weekend getaway, just you and I, walking off into the sunset hand in hand… I exhale into a bitter sweet moment, a long awaited moment… Sadness creeps in as nightfall approaches, I’m scared to lose… I’m falling 🙂 .!!

Amazing moments that feel too good to be true, you know the ones, when you are too afraid to close your eyes just in case it was but a dream… A look turns into a stare which paves way to a step towards my me… Breath taking moments under the stars, stolen moments with you… 🙂


Like sands through the hour glass, time seeps through our hands in disregard of wishes made in the dead of night by star crossed lovers. An unwanted call pierces the air and with that I have to leave, leave you… Falling in love with my fears, I just can’t decide… The passion still remains.

Lets hold hands like the young romance…Eyes closed, I relive that last moment. This is about love, falling because I went and caught big girl feelings but I don’t mind because you were there and always will be to catch me…


…. and that’s why I love you…