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Extra olives and feta cheese, a routine that broke through the barriers of a broken soul. Seeing not what others saw, she knew not where to draw the line. Like the first blooming rose of spring, with it brought hope for eternal bliss, but blindly it sold dreams of brighter days only to wake up in the middle of a snowy day.


Your eyes, windows to your soul, you look away too afraid to be exposed. Davy Jones I got to meet, for your heart you hid away in a quest to remain obsolete. A slave to your own emotions, a captive of your past, happy moments are forever fleeting for you are too afraid to let it last.


Pearls you borrowed and returned as stones. A wrecking ball, knowing no bounds you tear down the beauty you seek. Much like beauty and the beast, stars did align souls worlds apart, but in this reality you remained a beast. 


The break of dawn your polyjuice portion, you transform into an inferior mind willing to plead as you are eager to please regardless of the hurt you feel. The sun retreats and with it takes away the veil of your soul’s pretense. In the dead of night you come alive for in the black where terrors lurk, you are safe from prying eyes and not afraid to love like its going out of style.

A great mind hidden beneath a cowards words, what good is a beautiful soul if you are incapable of letting it soar.? Aaaah, the joys of seeing through your soul, claiming not to give a cuff… aah, darling let me call your bluff.


…you can’t be the best you can be without loving yourself because only when you truly love yourself will you let the beautiful colors of your soul show…