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” never look too much at the past, it brings tears, never look too much into the future because it brings fear…”


One’s past isn’t always a rosey one making it all the more hard to move past. Only when you have had enough of grey areas will you learn to move past certain obstacles and challenges. As hard as it might be, cut off people that bring the worst out of you no matter how close you are. A couple of wrong turns, I’ve finally arrived at this conclusion.

You are what you choose to be, regardless of peoples opinions

Learn to love yourself truly and unconditionally, only then will you be the best that you can be. Live for what you believe in and in this life you need to believe in something or you will fall for anything. Maturity unfortunately doesn’t come with age, but I am grateful that mine did.


…I had my time to be a child and that time is gone…

Set the pace and the standard you want to live by. Surround yourself with people you are on the same wavelength with because any other environment will only be a set back. Birds of the same feathers DON’T always flock together but be very careful, you might find yourself sacrificing your dreams for people that wouldn’t do the same for you.


Acceptance in any situation is key, accept that which you can and cannot change. Often we waste time worrying about things we are incapable of changing eg THE PAST.!! Let it go, its okay, you are not what you were or what you did before today. Those moments are long gone.  It takes long to break free of certain things but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Let your mistakes make you better not bitter.

The past 12 months of my life have taught me things that will take others a lifetime to learn. You might not be able to change the world but you might start the ripple that will.