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Like 2 ships passing in the night, companionship unrealistic, we held on to the mere notion that we were somewhere out there. Needing  you more than a junkie going through withdrawal symptoms needing a quick fix, feelings in limber I crave and shake, break into a cold sweat, I NEED YOU.!!!


Retrace my steps… where have I  lost you.? Baffled by this confusion, I wonder if I even had you. A change unseen, I struggle to find you, ” I had you…”, I stop in confusion… “I had you…”.!! Staggering to my feet, the pain of my very existence coursing through my veins, I retrace my steps to a moment I “had you”.


Falling into a moment unclaimed, a new born to such a feeling, it hits me… Blood, sweat and tears in this fight for you I gave. Finally having mastered the true art of you, like a blacksmith that has finally unraveled the secret behind a flawless sword, the pain of late nights vanishes like a lazy man being asked to lend a helping hand.

The true art of you, a beauty unscathed by the harshness of ancient times. My being, willingly I have let you take over. A moment too good to be true, eyes wide open I enjoy you like a long awaited hot day after a long winter. With a firm hand, the flag of Terri’s Reign I sink into the depths of you for I have claimed you until the end of time…


the art of true happiness once mastered, life is but a fairy tale come to life