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Like the thrill of getting something new, we explored this love till the break of dawn like 2 kids without a clue. The sugar rush of a new love, bouncing off walls at an all time high like the very first time in the House of Blues.


Smacked in the face by reality, I come crashing down into a pit of of your lies. So now you lying and cheating, got me crying and creeping trying to figure out whose competing. Lies seeping through your teeth so I start a fight, you walk out leaving me thinking, maybe he didn’t…take a breath, I know this boy did it.!! 

“They just friends baby, that b** trifling, but with the way I love you they can keep trying…”. 

– TheVillain


Dawn of a new day wasted fighting about the same things but a different b**h so now I’m stuck here thinking why do I put up with this sh** . A love gone wrong, lost in the turmoil of a childish mind we go back and forth because you just won’t admit you been caught. A night repeated, arguments heated, yelling you tell me to stop assuming sh** but then you get drunk and start confessing sh** .


Telling everybody but me, secrets get out got you lying talking about how I’m your girl, you wanna get me the world but first “…baby you gotta trust ,me…”… So now we back at it fighting, you walk out leaving me crying, thinking maybe he really didn’t… take a breath, I know this boy did it…


…to be continued