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The aches and pains of lost moments pave way to bitter sweet oceans with waves that take siege the banks of my reign. Revenge once sweet on thy lips, blinded I was to the throne ever so deserved it failed to be earned. Afflicted and unable to move past stolen moments, a wrath much like the Kraken’s it was a deadly fury, this I tell you truly.


Piercing daggers  in pursuit of a boastful man to inflict agony much like a scorned woman now turn to sweet nectar in sugarless times. Change the one constant thing in this life I fought and came out bruised though change did not fight back, alas it took foolish times to change a fools mind. Traveling far and beyond on a quest not to impress for a treasure I knew I already had but still I went none the less.


The aches and pains of lost moments, nah… let them remain lost for this new found happiness there was a cost. The sharp pains of  a worn out back in laboring times under the mid-day sun are soon forgotten once one starts enjoying the fruits of nature under the Tuscan sun. A tree planted with the aches and pains of my soul bears the fruit of my happiness giving birth to seeds of brighter days.


mastering the true art of happiness