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… I dropped my phone in the loo, I don’t know what to do…

A couple of days ago I dropped my phone in the loo whilst I was talking to one of my girls on viber, talk about a clash of loves… The loo is one of my favorite places and my phone is one of my favorite belongings, how could they just clash like that…sigh. The first 2 hours felt like the world was coming to an end, now I’m just like oh well.


Prior to this incident I had mentioned to Mimosa that I wanted to go on a time out for a bit but me being the person that I am, I could never do that for long so I’m now on an involuntary time out. The power that resides in the words we speak is ssssoooo strong its unreal. I’m at peace though the silence may be deafening at times but its all good.


Its given me time to think, analyse my life, sort out the clutter in the closets of this life of mine. With so many ideas I want to breathe life into, I wasn’t quite doing so because I would often be preoccupied (MY PHONE.!!).

I received mail on Facebook today from an old friend, funny thing is I woke up thinking about her. It got me thinking, there are some individuals I’ve lost in this lifetime that I would die to get back. People with good heads on their shoulders you know. In everything there is a lesson to be learnt, a silver lining. Taking this incident in the most positive way I know how, I’m going to make the most out of this time-out.


If you feel a certain way about something, do something about it. Some things are better left unsaid, yes, but sometimes no use spending your nights tossing and turning living in “what ifs” and “I should haves”. Do what you need to do, living your life with no regrets but not recklessly either. Words left unsaid sometimes do the most harm, I mean what if you woke up one day and that person wasn’t there anymore, then what.??


Tomorrow is not guaranteed, life can change at the blink of an eye so make the most of it. At the end of the day this life we live isn’t made great by the things we managed to obtain but by the lives we touched along the way.


strive to leave people in a better position than they were before you crossed paths