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Like a thief in the night, I came and took siege that which was not mine

You heard their cries but your heart did not mind

…for an unfamiliar face I robbed, so you were left unscathed by harsh times…


…but alas it was all but a matter of time, for at my prime, here I stand at your door step waiting to pounce as I watch you unwind…

Growing stronger as she grows weaker, I feel her as she tosses and turns with limbs no longer in limber. Fore warned, fore armed but like any other never did you think your crest I would rob.


An unfamiliar face no longer unfamiliar, my wrath you feel as I take siege once more but only this time in your home.Flashbacks of brighter days long gone, you waited for me to wreck that which you know for you to take…

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