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Fear of being alone so I dive into you, my very own Mona Lisa Smile. Though far from cohesive, I take over and lay my hands on you, my blank canvas :). So unbecoming, brush in hand I work to correct untrained habits although I should have learned when I failed to teach Candice to fetch a stick, sigh…old dogs and new tricks.


Detesting your every move, cringing at every touch I wonder if being alone is really that bad. Snap out of such thoughts to find you looking at me so I smile…a smile of relief for if my mind you could read, yikes.!! Feeling bad I lie on your chest and hold you tighter as if doing so would make the guilt go away but instead it feels like a dead give away. Skin to skin, so close to you yet so far feeling much like worlds apart.


A day turns into 2 which turns into well, a break up overdue but somehow those bad habits have grown on me like a bottle of dry red that’s now an acquired taste. So I bid you farewell in an attempt to taste this new found freedom. Moments later you cross my mind over a bottle of wine only this time just as someone I used to know…

dry red