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As sure as the sun rises from the East and sets in the West, your love, the curves of your nature.. a beauty undeniable to a worthy eye. Optics askew though when it comes to you we unite in sight. In Tamazight, with grace you live up to your name, my sunny place.

The hand that rocks the cradle, the golden touch I crave on sleepless nights when I am unable. Though my feet wake and touch unfamiliar ground, my heart has never known such sadness, for each day I wake , my heart awakes with you.


At your best, your love shines through over shadowing the cracks and breaks of your over worked back. Though filled with riches unimaginable, you are rendered  unworthy and deemed useless by inferior minds reminding me of  new money folk thinking they invented dimes. Wisdom your greatest treasure, like fire you’ve shared for when tears are plenty though far you’ve reminded me that to travel is to learn. When I’m lost proverbs of your love come flooding…


To get lost is to learn the way

-African proverb

My heart still yours, deep in your bosom, I wonder if you can feel me calling…my motherland… Thinking if you are still the same, I can’t help but wonder if you’ve missed me as I have you. Its been too long, a countdown keeping my spirit inline till my feet and the yearnings of my heart reunite. Stuck in this moment, I am but ‘waiting to exhale’.


…Proudly Zimbo, Prouldy African…