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I AM, well versed in the stature of my being is how this love runs deep. Falling in love in a hopeless place, who would have known we’d soon take a leap of faith. My flaws your highs, my lows non existent in the presence of your smile, would it be a lie if I said you were my stars and  moon, my light even in the darkest of times.


From dust we came and to dust we shall return though in between you came, resulting in my life’s sudden turn. From unicorn love with T, my sweet sweet T , to late night chats with the other 3, what more could I need. Now tell me, would you say I told lies  if I said you were my stars and moon, my light even in the darkest of times…

Indescribable pains we’ve seen, inevitable gains we’ve reaped, bonds now unbreakable, we stand firm watching our roots run deep. Long summer nights awaiting a reunion, so in the mean time we fuss and fight then spend the whole night trying to make it right… Truly it would be no lie calling you my stars and moon for you bring light into my darkest times.


From G’s big brown beautiful loving eyes to the curves of Majus caring nature what more would I need.? Mimosa a rare diamond refined by the pressures of unkind minds, get too serious so L&U step in making me laugh so hard I’m sure its bound to be crime… N & T more like little sisters how could I protect you from the harsh truth.?Emeli Sande on repeat, my mind becomes flooded with memories of my sweet T so I shed a tear that’s caught by the one true ninja I’m just like inga 😮 .!

A moment seeming so unreal I can’t help but smile for my naija sister is always such a thrill. Saving the best for last,  the one and only Spillz…would I be telling lies if I said you were my stars and moon… Dark times a myth for you will always be my light even during the darkest of times 🙂 .


… Dedicated to the family I got to choose… from my heart to yours…