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Lies seep through for dramatic effect though the story far from yours to tell, your mouth takes the witness stand regardless of missing eyes in action. Like the eager moon, you threaten to rise before your time though just a crescent moon in mid bloom.

Once mere blotted ink stains on a scroll long forgotten, spoken words take flight off the pages taking a life of their own like the lies out your mouth caught up in a blaze leaving you gob smacked much like irreversible tricks by a retired fortune teller from central times.

Extrinsically focused, your happiness becomes a facade with each swing of thy hips. A struggle to stay relevant in loving times though rather negligent. Degrading thoughts led by fancy things sort,  a careless whisper tells you to take it slow in this life whirlwind of  a show. Baby girl won’t you take a break and pave way to some well deserved growth, before losing whats at stake…