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 If a dream I did catch in the waves of my efforts, would the deeds of doubt, soaked up by the sands of time filter through the sound of my success? Behind puppy dog eyes I thought I saw an evil lurk and stride through thy spoken words on that deathly calm silent night.

Here we lie, bodies chilled by the winds of time. Whiplashed by an anger of a thousand thunderstorms consumed by lies about a truck load, I come and conquer not, though in my mind I thought myself a conqueror of untamed, rather timid minds. Where do we go from here? Like the wind knowing not the art of return, out of the clear from here on out, left with nothing in us but sacks of fear.


Unworthy or maybe too good for life, once forgotten sorrows begin to be fed by unceasing lies. Private thoughts, though not my own, I build a fortress with sky high walls. Unleash the inner beast though the consequences are quick to rise in this space somewhat confined.  Untamed, a raging fire rips through the veil of my sanity leaving me cold inside.


Unwilling times with principles gone amuck, we straddle to ancient times. Hunting grounds left flattened by the aching hearts from graves in that strange place long abandoned. Unlike landscapes unfinished, long forgotten like crypts built over and tombstones once encrypted, words defy the odds for once spoken, like eggs splattered on the sidewalk, they cannot be ignored.

*…We live and breathe love, though often lies seek refuge within it…*