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A hopeless romantic beginning to question the notion of it all… Born and bred to breathe, live, dream and aspire to the ‘main goal’ >> marriage, kids and the white picket fence. There has to be more to life than the big white wedding and popping babies like it’s going out of style even though your budget does not even begin to allow.

The thought of a typical traditional African husband, a nightmare on its own, would it be wrong if I let out my thoughts on boycotting it all? “It is the nature of a man to stray, have more than one of me”, yet I’m meant to toil night and day to make his world better than his hopes and dreams.


Will you then allow me, oh dear society to strive to be the best I can be, lick the 35 mark as a single woman and not shun me, or is what I am asking a bit much for the ancestors up there somewhere?

…Just the other day, her father asked for a Range Rover as PART of the bridal price though in his life he’d never been able to afford a car quarter that price… Now tell me, when he begins to beat and treat her like a slave, can you blame him after you made him feel like he had bought the right to?


A token of appreciation you’ve turned into “hitting the jackpot”. Weirdly in my head having changed the term Lobola to Bingo I see your daughter, well pardon me, your meal ticket now it seems is the main attraction, the grand prize. Can you blame her then for rebelling against you, against the notion of being sold into slavery?

Just another day filled with a million thoughts that will, one way or the other, be viewed as alienated and westernized ideologies… Even then I stand by them for I have desires that go beyond having babies and owning a salon, that in no way undermining those that dream of such.

Born and bred to succeed but not too much to emasculate my significant other. Taught n told to put him first, to be submissive above all. Boy ooh boy do I have it cut out for me… <<< Four words to that, OVER MY DEAD BODY.!! A bit off the rails you might presume but well…***to be continued***



**this does not represent EVERY African woman**