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As I sit and write with a glass of wine by my side, I feel myself slipping into what used to be, my place of eternal bliss. I let my mind stray to moments of regret and sadness as I’ve finally realized my best work of art I wrote in anguish, well rather emotionally battered.

A passion I found on lonely nights filled with tear stained pillows and puffy eyes has turned into something I never saw coming, my very own paradise.  My solitude, my silence, brought on by emotional stability, I find myself back here with nothing but the full moon ‘breaking’ the silence, I’m left to wonder, does this mean I’m back at being emotionally distraught or have I finally mastered the art of me?


Finally me again, I stop and gaze out the window and for the first time I’m not paranoid about the horrors that lurk the darkness. Not trying too hard to write a best seller, just speaking from the heart, I find myself in moments of bliss despite October lies and December fights.


***can’t be serious all the time 🙂 ***