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It’s become a common misconception really… How about you take me back in time to that moment I can stand and object to what’s become a clear cut mess of this thing once beautiful but misused by the turn of times. Turn of a century we change the game and misdirect the wave into a sink hole filled with lust and ill gotten dreams rather daily deeds…all for lust dressed in ‘love’.

“Old habits die hard but that does not mean they don’t die and wither away at all…”


Naïve at times to what’s deserved and yet to be obtained, thrilled, we fight and kill for mediocre bling when we are destined for priceless things… all for lust dressed in ‘love’… Gone way too deep but not deep enough to be stuck, I’ve gone deep but not neck deep so I guess that’s just my luck.

You’ve found the one? …and the last 3 real ones, your last 3 loves back? … and now this is love huh?

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A couple chapters in you stop and realize you’ve never even touched let alone met what you thought defined that which you called right. You come as though it was written in the stars…in predetermined seasons although maybe for all the wrong reasons even though we thought we had been making the right decisions.

“Self control is enough…<<giving people this kind of advice is like sending a person with a cart that swerves into a store stocked with the world’s most expensive Chinaware…”
~Joshua Harris

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Somewhere between being done and wanting you, foolishly believing ‘self control’ is the only need, you turn over and find yourself in that warm embrace once more…Oh would you look at that, knocking over Chinaware when you don’t have a single dime in those pants you seldom wear. Gave up drinking last night and to celebrate you agree to meet at the bar… and with that you watch the USD$4,000.00 tea set seductively kiss the marble floor in slow motion…

…Old habits die hard… they strive in that familiar place you refuse to leave…