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No title, no rhyme, no flow , no nothing, lacking in all ways possible but here we are. If the truth I were to write, the truest thoughts that roam my mind, roam the depths of my life, would I still be okay to rivert to where we were, to where I was? Would I be okay?

With the break of day, I transform into Elsa and everything turns to ice, a hint of Medusa and it all turns to stone. I breathe and the air becomes still, still in the ambiance of my day dreamt thoughts. Betrayal at its best, unmoved and unflinching, I ought not to care. Taboo to whisper one’s thoughts and feelings, are we that out of touch that the mere thought of the truth as it is, unbiased, unscathed and untouched by fear has long since faded, faded worse than my old black pair of jeans.


Taking a chance in the midst of war, I wonder where these words are going, where my mind they will lead. Not knowing my own thoughts, the finished product to explain the ins and outs so I understand my own self. Love is a breath away, death is a step away, seems simple but I take a step as I hold my breath. So taken aback by a mere thought, I wouldn’t know what to call this even if a map, a clue or 3 and a set of cheat codes I had.