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“Be trained by the consequences because in them are lessons”

Easier said than done, consequences are easy to come when we least expect our lives to come undone. At the seam we rip and tear, become ‘unfixable’ by thought when we are filled with despair.  Though lessons are learned, sometimes the cost at which we learn is hard to bear.  “No discipline seems pleasant at the time”, and often the harshness of it all seems to go on for what we deem and see as endless time.

“The truth does not change , we have to change in response to the truth for a learned truth is an applied truth”

We cannot un-explore that which we once explored. Out of touch with this and that, what it was or where it’s been, we fall in and out of consciousness in this melodramatic thing called life. Drink a day away and on the next, fight to touch fog with our bare hands at the break of day.  Seems like we’re always quick to run, quick to hide behind 10 foot walls and for a moment all is well until we have to leap and break falls from yet another brawl.

Quick to run, why are we quick to run? A two second spell so we ought to fall in ‘love’? At a moments notice, a sip of wine, M.G’s and keys, consequences are quick  arise leaving us mismatched, gob smacked and yearning to turn back time. Quick to run, this is why we are quick to run. “Be trained by the consequences for in them are lessons”.


…Wine, M.G’s and and Keys…