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It is when we are here, you and I, when all else is gone with the sun and rendered obsolete in the night, it is when we are here that all seems right. As dawn erupts and interrupts, I know to sit and wait, so I sit and wait for the sun to retreat to her moment of solitude, sit and wait for a moment well yearned for in gratitude.

It is within this moment when the volcano erupts from within that I come to life. An intimacy that’s indescribable,and has grown undeniable with time. A feeling I’ve failed to put into words thus has stayed unclear, a bond so magical my mind no longer has to pioneer. It is within this moment, within a split second I know to grab a hold, let love and go with the wind.

Pretense from dawn till dusk, hide behind smirks and laughs as I try and readjust. It is only when the deed is done that I am pleased, it is when I let out that sigh that I am left feeling just right, it is when all is said and done, it is within this moment that I become alive.

…it is within that moment I let my thoughts roam free…let words come together in a place that’s only for me…its within that moment, this moment right here that I feel free…


*The passion and love behind it all*