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I could have sworn with the corner of my eye, I could have really sworn I saw him look at me with that teasing smile. Involuntarily eyes we lock and secrets spill for the world to see. He looks and his eyes tell me seductively “…if we were in a different life you would be mine.”

I spew on about comprise and so he laughs and schools me like I had no clue leaving me quite surprised. His words I let take my hand; let walk me to a place I’ve known not but wished I had. Though miles away, I feel him looking deep into my eyes as his words caress the questions I’ve let linger for far too long just to feel somewhat inclined.

A little more our eyes confess whilst our lips slightly twitch and quiver as though under duress. Clutching tightly onto secrets I ought to take to my grave, he says I should let loose and indulge without a speck of stress.

In awe, I lie awake as I replay word for word, promise for promise and reconsider taking a leap of faith. As I plunge into my day’s end, my last conscious thought lets me know that in a different life time, I most definitely would have been his.


…just the other day…