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“Free press is the best weapon against corruption”

~ Nelson Mandela


Taking his words as they are, unchanged and unbiased, lacking the best weapon, where do we go from here?  Lacking the courage to speak freely  for the consequences if we did, we’ve seen and known, where do we go from here, maybe more like how do we go?

As my mind drifts and takes my thoughts with it, carried by the waves of my conscious self, from a distance I can hear them say SPEAK POSITIVELY, AWAY WITH COMPLAINTS  what have YOU done lately?

I look at myself and ponder on these here thoughts. From nothing but I AM’s thought to what I am now, I’ve known nothing but the fact that kickbacks are essential for my wants and needs, a bribe here and there, more like everywhere will get me way way head and sail me to my hopes and dreams.

“It’s not about what you have but about who you know and what they have…”

~ Unknown

I search for answers though I already know them. Quickly stopping myself  for I know what would happen if a breath in that direction I thought of taking to say them. Escaping execution twice, he tells me to hold on a little while longer till the consequences of my nature I’m ready to face and take.

Freedom of speech I have BUT just on paper although at second glance I lack even that or maybe I just have to become a little greater. He said free press was the best weapon against corruption, I have this not so for second best I’ll settle, for some armor is better than no armor.