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As the centuries turn and generations unfold, have we as womankind lost our marbles with the turns and folds?


Trying not to fall into the bias, hiding behind being treated right as rain or as his ‘highness’ , how have we landed on “it’s a man’s job” to do it all for us? Many lost in confusion or simply waltzing, more like falling into the notion that being spoiled and ‘it being his job’ is the same thing, how do we rectify and save an entire generation’s mindset hidden and tucked away in the gutters of unrealistic expectations?

Through the grape vine I heard, its his job to feed you, spoil you, love you, adore you, cuddle you, make you feel right as rain not to mention get you all loved up (this is before the ring by the way). Failing to understand that which seems unrealistic and borderline psychotic, with one simple question, the madness unfurls, WHERE ON EARTH DID WE AS WOMEN GET THIS???

If we as womankind can hide behind ‘he hasn’t put a ring on it’ so why should I, why then should he sail the seven seas, bring me the stars and moon and have the sun rise just for me in my backyard? If I fail to meet him half way, why then would I expect him to swim uncharted waters for a ‘maybe’ at the end of the tunnel?


Social media fueling the madness, if one woman is labelled a gold digger for dating an older man by another who is dating someone younger but still expects the same treatment, does that not warrant her to be called such as well? The more time flies, the faster we lose our marbles. With each day break, a woman somewhere cries and grieves over expectations unmet, but if we can be serious for but a moment, if tables were turned, would we walk from Cape to Cairo for someone that didn’t meet us half way?

Beliefs set on the notion ‘you reap what you sow’, I have understood that being spoiled refers to someone doing something for you without them having to i.e not mandatory. Now when we get lost to the point where everything becomes mandatory, then can our so called ‘realistic expectations’ ever be met? If we stick to these notions, are we not giving birth to a crippled generation of women that will not be able to fend for themselves?

Random thought: If his job is to feed you etc, what happens when you become single, do you stop eating, shopping and whatever else, do you not have food at your house??? Am I crazy for not understanding this? By failing to understand this, does this mean I am an example of a defective prototype of the modern day woman?

*This In No Way Represents Every Woman*