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I am not a writer, I have just learned how to throw words on a page every week or so when my soul is struck by what seems like the ‘oh so unimaginable’. I don’t know what to say, I never know what to say. When I can’t hide behind words to shelter my soul from the world, I never know what to say. One has to start somewhere, so I’ll start here. I woke up without a clue or two that I’d end up in this very moment, disgusted and appalled by my peers, aka the unashamed cyber bullies.

If I were to be honest, really honest, I’m sure I’d be deemed more than just brutally honest. If I came out and said I despised the works of my un-entertained and unemployed peers, I’d… we’ll just let that lie… I die a little every time, every time I witness the disgusting works of cyber bullies I die a little. The works and effects of an unemployment rate that is through the roof and lack of thinking in a ‘morally correct’ manner, I wonder why I remain surprised. Even with that said, I am left wondering, why give in to such an unnecessary evil?

I am disgusted and appalled by the behavior of my peers on social networks. How is it that you can degrade and strip someone of their dignity publicly and sleep well at night? No empathy, no remorse no nothing. The question then becomes, WHO ON EARTH RAISED and TAUGHT YOU to portray such an evil? 67 weeks ago, HOW AND WHERE ON EARTH  did you find the time to scroll down on someone’s Instagram page and take a screenshot  just to make a mockery out of them, FROM 67 WEEKS AGO?? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE to inflict pain on someone else’s child just for your entertainment, where the heck do you get off? Convinced that such are the works of the un-entertained, unemployed and internally disturbed, trying not to get too emotional though wrapped up in a fit of rage, I don’t know where to go or what to think. Failing to understand that your actions towards someone say more about you than them, I am left to wonder, WHO THE HECK RAISED YOU and who taught you that stripping someone of their dignity  was morally correct. Although of course, such actions make us wonder if you have a moral compass to begin with.

Neglecting a plant results in it dying, neglecting a child however gives birth to either the loch ness monster or its victim. The inner demons you fail to tame, that chaos inside that keeps you tossing and turning at night, is that what warrants such behavior? There is always the then what factor, after you’ve  degraded and stripped someone of their will to rise above the madness and chaos of it all, a chaos you’ve caused, then what? A moment of insanity, or should we call it jealousy, a moment of self hate so you lash-out and torment the next but then what? Your own demons are still more than alive. I die a little every time, every time I witness this, I die a little.

As children were we not taught to deal with our insecurities in a better way? Tainting a generation beyond recognition just so you can make yourself feel better about your undeniably low self-esteem and desperate need to be relevant, I just have to ask, is it worth it? Does this act of evil change anything in your life for the better? If the answer to that question is no, then why are you doing it?  I honestly don’t know what to say other than I die a little, every time I witness this I die a little.

The world could do with a generation that is able to mind its own business and work towards making something of themselves other than making someone else’s private affairs the center of their world. Starting off disgusted and appalled, this just ends with me being sad and pained. Why do we do the things we do, why? Were we not taught better or do we just let our own demons take over? Will we ever figure it out without killing each other in the process? If you are guilty of this, as the sun retreats today and paves way to darkness, as you lie awake just before your mind closes the blinds and calls it a night, ask yourself, was tormenting someone else’s child worth it today.


No to bullying, you ought to know better!!!!!!!!!