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…seeing Santa Clause way back when in 1st street and having him ask you what you wanted knowing fully well his gift bag was empty.

Being force fed oats to the point of rethinking living but soldering on based on the promise of ice cream that was never to come that day and an entire day of cartoons knowing fully well ZBC offered no such thing.

If I were still a child, living in Zimbabwe would be like… living on ifs… I am no longer a child, eyes wide open, heart bleeding, I stop and wonder… Is this how it felt living post Sicilian Mafia Gangs, terrified of stepping out of line for God forbid Richard “The Iceman” Kuklinski was sent for you…is this how they felt?

If you cozied up to the Five Families, you were more than alright but at what cost? Mute the words of your broken soul as the things of the world take over and let you believe all was well as long as you were close… Close enough to secure a roof over your head and food at your table at the expense of that very soul.

I wake to realise, it wasn’t just me, I wasn’t the only one, but one in millions. I wake and wonder if this is how it felt living at the very peak of the Five Families, is this how they felt?

Disappointment a yearly, if not daily dose in what used to be a proud country. My heart hurts, filled with broken dreams and empty promises, I watch the majority try and make do with whats left but dear God its become more than hard.

I wake with a sour taste of 2008, a bad feeling of de javu and an upset tummy from all the bullsh*t. I look back and hear my old teacher say, “…you have potential but don’t let it end as just that…”.

I loved my country for its beauty and potential, I read the palms of her hands and saw what she could be, I closed my eyes and day dreamed on the visions only to die slowly from a broken heart when I opened my eyes to see her sinking into the abyss of death with me.


You gave in to temptation and took what was not yours, stole from the very people you swore to protect…I hold her hand and search for solace as we sink… but dear God did they have to steal it all…