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Our first warm embrace under the night sky, streets ablaze with warm lights, a perfect forever, when I looked up, I saw in your eyes. Feeling long gone, the night no longer bright, no longer there, I remember I used to love you. 

Like the perfect fixer-upper, you had potential but at every turn you fought progress and so like many a things, you’re slowly meeting your end with potential unexplored. 

Life-less streets, a perfect forever out of sight and out of mind, I randomly remember that I used to love you.

Stuck between waiting it out and moving on, I waited. Turning a blind eye to the abuse for in you I saw potential so in the eye of the storm I chose to wait.

The abuse even greater, bruises covered in propaganda, I held on to the promise of tomorrow but tomorrow never came. Bruised and broken, I realise its time for me to go for I used to love you but that is no more.

You shot me and pretended like you were the one dying. Wondering why it is that I am the one that’s shunned for wanting to leave when at your hands I’ve shed tears and blood. I played my part but you just couldn’t help but tear me apart.

Deserving better, I shed tears at my soon-to-be loss of you. Knowing fully well that with you, better is nowhere in sight, though I used to love you, its time for me to go.

Santa Clause on a Coca Cola truck under a cloudless night sky on First Street, closing my eyes and picturing this once more, I remember the day I fell in love with you. 

Cloudless night skies now teargas filled nights, Santa’s Coca Cola truck now riot police trucks, I realise I no longer can wait out this future-bleak storm. No longer the case I choose to remember I USED TO LOVE YOU and understand that, that is no more as I go. 

*tear stained letter to my city*