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I read once that before you ask why someone hasn’t done anything about a situation, always remember that you are also someone and that you haven’t done anything about it either. 

I have decided to add another category on my blog, LEND A HAND. I always find myself drawn to certain things and well, it’s about time. 

Now that that’s out of the way *exhale* RUPEMBA PRIMARY SCHOOL!!!! 

I first became aware of this school after a certain gentleman posted about it on Facebook and as I looked at the pictures I just wanted to cry😞. 

Rupemba Primary School is located 30 kilometers after Zvishavane towards Bukwe Mine in Zimbabwe. The school caters for 200 plus students and as I look at the pictures once more I am mind boggled as to how that is even possible. 

Sometimes because we are so sheltered from the plight of others, it is hard to fathom that this is actually how others live and go through life. 

I have decided to reach out to all those that would like to help to change these children’s lives. 

I shall be collecting textbooks, stationery and clothes  for the school. The one thing I truly would want us to do together is build a solid structure for them 😭. 

It will not happen over night, even if progress turns out slow, may we not lose sight of the end goal. 

Education is every child’s right, together we can make their journey a little easier. Let us be the change we’ve been seeking for oh so long. 

*For Rupemba Primary School* 

If you are interested in making donations, please feel free to contact me;