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“We choose our joys and sorrows long before we experience them”

~ Khalil Gibran

Time and time again I have used this quote whilst blogging, it just makes so much sense don’t you think? From karma to the words we spew into the universe daily, one can’t help but just LOVE it!

I stumbled upon a realisation yesterday, though not new, I have known and understood it for quite some time now. Often I have witnessed family, friends and even myself fleeing responsibility of our not so fair circumstances.

Khalil Gibran’s quote shedding light on what I have known but ignored for oh so long, how do we become consciously better at this fragile thing called life? How do we move away from that deep urge to play the ‘victim card’ even when it does not apply?

Why is it that sometimes (if not most times) as people we are drawn to causing others pains but are so quick to be mind boggled when somewhere down the line pain comes knocking? Why is it that our pain should never be forgotten but for the ones we have caused hurt and discomfort, their pain we view as a nuisance and must be quick to fade with each day break?

“Rarely do we ever admit to being the sole cause of another’s broken soul”

~ Terr


In comparison to the number of times we’ve cried and played victim, how many times have we owned up to the aches we’ve caused others under the night sky and tried to make it right? Imagine if God himself sat us in the middle of every single being and asked us to own up to all that makes us who we are, the good and the bad, would we be as outspoken as we are when we shun those that have hurt us forgetting those we’ve hurt?

“What goes around comes around and what goes up must come down .” Wrong someone today, whether tomorrow, next year, heck 5 years from now, (trust me ) karma will come knocking and when it does may we not be so quick to forget those we’ve wronged. Instead of humbling ourselves and accepting that to be a way of life, may we not seek others to lay blame on as we often do. 

Take a moment to reflect, unlearn and renew your mind and your way of thinking. More often than not, we are victims of our own choices, words we speak into the universe and what we do to others. Understand this and you’ll spend less time crying rivers for sympathy points because that is no way to spend the one life you were blessed with by The Great I Am.